Little Caesar’s Pizza Fundraiser

July 26th, 2011

We have decided to try Little Caesars Pizza this time rather than Joe Corbis.
I have had this pizza and I think its delicious!!!  Its tastes just like you bought it
fresh from the pizza store.  We havent done this in the past because they
dont pay the Rescue as much as Corbis but I think everyone will enjoy the change
and they are cheaper then Corbis!
Both Claudia and I have brochures.  We can mail them to you to sell to your friends,
neighbors, co-workers and yourself.  You can also see the full brochure online.
Little Caesars Pizza Kit – Steps to Fundraising Success
Click on this link and go to the bottom of the page and select the brochure:
Its a PDF color brochure.
Delivery of the pizza will be at my house on Thurs. August 18 at approx
11am.  I will be traveling down to Chadwell to deliver to those folks down
that way and Bonita will deliver to Wilmington.  Or you can certainly come
over to my house and pick up your order.
So just let us know if you need a brochure or check it out online.
You can place your order up to one week before delivery.
Thanks for helping the ferrets in Claudia’s care.  Claudia has gotten in
over 10 ferrets in less than 2 weeks!!!!  But she does have a number of adoptables
so if you are looking to add to your ferret family we can get you pictures of
the new kids looking for a home!

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