Yankee Candles

August 27th, 2012

Its that time of the year!!!!!
Our fall Yankee Candle Sale!!!
Claudia and I have brochures for anyone who would like one.
You can pick them up at Chadwell’s or from me in Newark, De. or
we can mail you one!!  Or you can use the link below and
check out the great fall and winter catalog!!!!


Yankee Candle is one of our biggest fund raisers.  Everything you
sell will be individually package for you in its own box and sent
directly to me.  I can meet you at Chadwell or Newark to give you
all your candles.  Its so easy because Yankee Candles sell
themselves!!!  So ask your neighbors, friends, family, and
co-workers and sell these amazing candles and Claudia will
get 40% of each sale!!!

As always its raining ferrets!!  Claudia got in 2 babies a few
days apart about 2 weeks ago.  Both are chocolate marshall
boys.  And Doreen and myself now have a baby in the house!!
I havent had a baby in years!!!  I usually take the ones no one
else wants, the older, sick ones, so its a real joy to have a
baby again!!!  Rio is a joy to have with us and my granddaughter
absolutely loves him and he loves her!!!  Claudia has taken
in alot of ferrets over the last few months.  There are still 4 ferrets
that need to get out of the montgomery county shelter.
The personal dumps never stop and there are more strays
being found than ever, many in Baltimore!

So please help in any way you can by helping us sell Yankee Candles.

We will also be doing a sub sale in the next few weeks.
And we have lots more planned, bowling, popcorn sale, and much
more.  So look for my emails.

As always thank you for every thing you do to help Claudia
and all the ferrets at Oxford Ferret Rescue.

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