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Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

We are taking calendar orders!!!!

Please see the link below for the images on Oxford Ferret Rescue’s Calendar.


Calendars are $15 each and $6 to ship.

Please email me and let me know how many calendars you would like, at


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It’s Yankee Candle Time!!!

Posted on Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Its Yankee Candle time!!!!!

We are now sellling everyones favorite Yankee Candle.
We have brochures so please let me know if you need one to
sell to family and friends.

*Here is the link to the online catalog.*

The sale will run untill Nov 1, 2013.
So please make sure you collect the money when you get
the order.  All checks should be made to you the seller and
then in turn you can write one check to the rescue.
So please have your orders to me by Nov 1 with your money.
You can mail it to my house or you can email your order to me
and mail the check to Claudia.  As the end date approaches
just let me know what way you would like to do.

This year you can also order right online.  Its really easy.
You just use our account number and create an ID and
place your order and Oxford will get the credit and your
items will be shipped right to you.  You can order up till
Dec. 23 for xmas delivery!!!

*Heres the link to order online.*
*Our group ID is #99-0033427*

Lets make this our best Yankee sale ever.
Claudia and the ferrets need our help more than ever.

Thank you everyone for all you do to help.

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Posted on Saturday, July 27th, 2013

*We are bowling to help the ferrets at Oxford Ferret Rescue.*
*August 18, 2013*
*Bruswick Newark Bowling Alley*
*Newark Delaware Shopping Center*
*$15 per person which includes shoes and as many games as you can bowl in 2 hours!*
*What a deal!!!!  And you get to help Claudia care for the ferrets!*
*Ask your friends, family and co-workers to join us.  Everyone is welcome!*
*This is such a fun great fund raiser we hope you can all come and join*
*us for a few hours.  We will also have a few great raffle items:*
*ferret and non ferret items.*
*Let me know how many people you will be bringing.*
*See you all there.*

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2013 Raffle winners

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Claudia will be sending remaining winner’s items out by the end of June. Congratulation and thank you everyone for your suport.



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AND THE WINNERS ARE!!! 2013 fundraiser auction results

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

2013 Live Auction Winners

1.  Salon Basket                    Scott Onion                            2.  Candyland Picture                         Scott Onion

3.  Fireplace  Set                   Lisa Vible                               4.  Longaberger Jug                            Cindy Ell

5.  Panera Cert.                     Marie C.                                  6.  Dog Basket                                         Carol Reddy

7.  Halloween Basket           Lauren Snyder/Christi Lorenzo

8.  Batemans Cert.                Novak                                      9.  “shell” shadow box                    Linda Hammell

10.  Bird seed coll.               Novak                                       11.   Orioles Cert.                              Lisa Vible

12.  Orioles Cert.                 Carol Reddy                          13.  “Love” table sculpture              Scott Onion

14.  Wine/cheese basket    Linda Hammell                 15.  Cashtown Inn Cert.                      Nicole

16.  Cashtown Inn Cert.      Nicole                                    17.  Bakers Basket                                AnnMarie Weber

18.  Faith Mountain basket  Lori Mckenna                     19.  Dog Basket                                    Scott Onion

20.  BJ’s cert.                         Doreen                                   21.  Bird feeder/seed                           Linda Hammell

22.  Candle basket               Cindy Ell                                23.  Amsec safe                                     Claudia

24.  Olive Garden cert.       Bonita                                     25.  Panera cert.                                   Cindy Ell

26.  Home insect care          Marie C.                                                27.  Acme cert.                     Cindy Ell

28.  Bertucci’s cert               Scott Onion                           29.  Beach basket                                 Marie C.

30.  Grand Opera House cert             Curt Johnson         31.  Outback cert.                             Bonita

32.  BJ’s cert.                         Scott Onion                           33.  Sandy Cove cert.                         Carlos Ocasio

34.  Wine/cheese                 Novak                                     35.  Stone cert.                                      Don Moore

36.  Wall Lantern                 Michael Macy                      37.  Chair                                                 Bonita

38.  Beach week in Bethany   Dee                                     39.  Sight & Sound                               Curt Johnson

40.  Cherry Crest cert.         Cindy Ell                                41.  Telescope                                       Scott Onion

42.  Home Depot cert.         Doreen                                   43.  “coach” backpack                         Cheryl Vrsida

44.  Chadwell cert.                 Marie C.                                45.  Chadwell cert.                                Marie C.

46.  Ferret wine/chivas regal             Scott Onion           47.  “Airhead” water float              Marie C.

48.  Bath&Body Works basket           Cindy Ell                49.  2 handmade scarfs                      Doreen

50.  Elvis collection                             Penny                     51.  Hess Truck                                        Kelly Herman

52.  Wellness Spa                                  Cindy Ell                53.  Pasca Salon                                       Cindy Ell

54.  WSFS cert.                                     Bonita                     55.  Wallgreens cert.                                Claudia

56.  Pottery jug                                     Scott Onion           57.  handmade rabbit                            Linda Hammell

58.  IPOD doc station                          Dee                         59.  Cat bed                                                  Dee

60.  Micro brewery                             Cindy Sooy            61.  Mystery boxes                                  Scott Onion

62.  Beauty basket                                Erin Huesgen        63.  Goodies basket                                Scott Onion

64.  “Monet” necklace                         Lisa Vible              65.  Handmade purse                             Dee

66.  Handmade purse                          Marie C.                                67.  Lia Sophia coll                  Cheryl Vrsida

68.  Anklet                                                Cheryl Vrsida       69.  Kids coll.                                           Bonita

70.   Purse/jewelry                               Lauren Snyder/Christi Lorenzo

71.  Bear Christmas basket Bonnie Russell                    72.  Angel Christmas basket                Dee

73.  Serving set                                     Steve/Diane           74.  Bath set                                                Scott Onion

75.  3 bottles alcohol                           Cindy Ell                201. LFFR bedding set                            Scott Onion

202.  Playpen                                        Linda Hammell     203.  Zupreem                                            Scott Onion

204.  Ferret sculpture/flowers           Steve/Diane      205.  12pc green bedding                      Curt Johnson

206.  5pc orange bedding                  Cindy Ell                207.  5pc blue/red bedding                  Julie C.

208.  9pc brown bedding                   Linda Hammell     209.  6pc rabbit bedding                                   Cheryl Vrsida

210.  Ferret sculpture/egg                 Steve/Diane           211.  Jasmine canvas                                           Peggy Webber

212.  Jasmine canvas                           Tina                        213.  2 Melatonin implants                               Jessica Shay

214.  2 ferret stines                             Lisa O.                    215.  Framed ferret print                                    Scott Onion

216.  5 pc blue space bedding          Scott Onion           217.  Ferret sculpture/egg                                 Lisa Vible

218.  11 pc blue bedding                   Linda Hammell     219.  Blue/red bedding etc.                               Donna Cicone

220.  Polka dot bedding, etc.             Mark                      221.  Zupreem 30 lb                                           Linda Hammell

222.  Bedding set cert.                        Lori Mckenna       223.  Tower of fun                                               Marie C.

224.  “pimp my ride car”                     Scott Onion           225.  Snoopy snuggler set                                  Lisa O.

226.  Snoopy snuggler set                  Bonnie Russell      227.  Ravens set                                                    Bonnie Russell

228.  Clara print                                  Steve & Diane       229.  Snoopy snuggler                                        Marie C.

230.  “Love” ferret frame                     Claudia                  231.  b/w framed print                                       Lisa O.

232.  Pink bedding                              Erin Huesgen        233.  Pink/blue bedding                                     Michael Macy

234.  Blue/yellow bedding                 Erin Huesgen        235.  Brown pad/w stuff                                     Cindy Ell

236.  Crochet tunnel                           Scott Onion           237.  Blue ferret t-shirt                                      Michael Shay

238.  Superior choice food Curt Johnson                       239.  Mazuri                                                         Lori Mckenna

240.  Condo                                           Scott Onion           241.  Round bed/w stuff                                     Marie C.

242.  Travel cage w/cover                  Scott Onion           243.  3 pc barrel set                                            Donna Cicone

244. Ferret Basket                                Carol Reddy          245.  Nesting box                                                Scott Onion

246.  Books                                            Curt Johnson         247.  Chocolate balls                                           Lisa O.

248.  Chocolate balls                           Carol Reddy


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Posted on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

JUNE 1st is the date of the fundraiser this year. As usual, it is being held at the Ed Walls Building on the Cecil County Fairgrounds in Fair Hill, Maryland. ( 4640 Telegraph Road Elkton, MD 21921)

The days will consist of:

Raffles 1:30 and 2:30—-Tickets are $1.

Cake walk throughout the day

Music all day

Food and fun all day

Live auction to begin approx. 3:30


If you want to help support the shelter kids, but can’t make it the day of the event, there are instructions on the link pages how you have get raffle tickets and bid on auction items. Please help us make this event a huge success and support the many fur kids in the rescue.

Visa, and Master Card are accepted





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Bowling for the fur kids!

Posted on Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Dont forget we are bowling for the ferrets!!!!!
APRIL 7, 2013
Brunswick Newark Bowling Alley
Newark shopping center in Newark Delaware
Cost is only $15 per person which includes shoes
and as many games as you can bowl in 2 hours.
We will also have ferret and non ferret raffle items!
So come out and join us for a few hours of few bowling
for the ferrets at Oxford Ferret Rescue.
Also, for those who sold candy it is in and sorted and
ready to be picked up.  Please email me back when you can
meet us so we can get your candy to you.
Look for a few more emails over the next several days.
As always thanks for helping Claudia and the ferrets at
Oxford Ferret Rescue.

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Easter Candy Fundraiser

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Easter is early this year!!!!  March 31!!!!
So we are selling home made Easter candy again this year just
alittle bit earlier.  The candy is made to order from Log Cabin
Candies in Fallston Md.  They are a long time family owned
business.  All their candy is delicious and who knows it may
even be good for you (I know I always feel better after I
eat chocolate)!!!!  They have a website but there isnt any candy
on their site so if you would like to order and sell Easter candy
to help all the ferrets at Oxford Ferret Rescue just let me know
and we will get a brochure in the mail to you.  We will run
this fund raiser from:
Monday Jan. 21 to Friday Feb. 15.
Please have your order emailed to me by Friday Feb. 15
and the money mailed to Claudia.  I will place the order
on Monday Feb 18.  This will give us enough time to get
the candy to everyone in plenty of time for Easter.
We will also be setting up bowling probably the 2nd Sunday
in March.  So anyone ordering candy can come out to bowl
with us and we will deliver your candy at bowling!
So get your brochure and ask all your family, friends, neighbors
and co-workers to purchase their Easter candy from us so that
we can help make Claudia’s life just alittle bit easier by helping
lower her massive vet bill!!!  As you all know no ferret is ever
turned away from Claudia just because it may need serious vet
care.  In fact she will always take those poor ferrets in dire
need when nobody else will.  So lets sell as much as we can
so we can help Claudia help all the ferrets at
Oxford Ferret Rescue!

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