Easter Candy Fundraiser

January 24th, 2013

Easter is early this year!!!!  March 31!!!!
So we are selling home made Easter candy again this year just
alittle bit earlier.  The candy is made to order from Log Cabin
Candies in Fallston Md.  They are a long time family owned
business.  All their candy is delicious and who knows it may
even be good for you (I know I always feel better after I
eat chocolate)!!!!  They have a website but there isnt any candy
on their site so if you would like to order and sell Easter candy
to help all the ferrets at Oxford Ferret Rescue just let me know
and we will get a brochure in the mail to you.  We will run
this fund raiser from:
Monday Jan. 21 to Friday Feb. 15.
Please have your order emailed to me by Friday Feb. 15
and the money mailed to Claudia.  I will place the order
on Monday Feb 18.  This will give us enough time to get
the candy to everyone in plenty of time for Easter.
We will also be setting up bowling probably the 2nd Sunday
in March.  So anyone ordering candy can come out to bowl
with us and we will deliver your candy at bowling!
So get your brochure and ask all your family, friends, neighbors
and co-workers to purchase their Easter candy from us so that
we can help make Claudia’s life just alittle bit easier by helping
lower her massive vet bill!!!  As you all know no ferret is ever
turned away from Claudia just because it may need serious vet
care.  In fact she will always take those poor ferrets in dire
need when nobody else will.  So lets sell as much as we can
so we can help Claudia help all the ferrets at
Oxford Ferret Rescue!

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