Adopt a Ferret

Adopting a ferret is a serious decision, not to be undertaken lightly.

Ferrets are sensitive creatures that become emotionally bonded to their owners. They are more like dogs and cats than caged animals like hamsters when it comes to the amount of time and attention that they need to stay happy and healthy. When they are given up for adoption, they may become confused and depressed from the loss of their owners.
Before you decide to adopt:

  • Read Ferrets For Dummies – This is an excellent book that gives both the pros and cons of ferret ownership. We highly recommend every new and old ferret owner alike to read it. It is one that you can reference when problems arise so well worth the purchase. Many libraries do have it too. Also, visit and read their F.A.Q. area. You will find useful information in both these areas.
  • Learn what will be involved – Ferrets can have a number of health issues that will require time, attention and sometimes surgery. Know what is involved, care and financially, before you adopt.
  • Talk over the long-term plans with your family – Family discussion is extremely important. Ferrets like to belong to the whole family – not just the child, husband or wife. It is important to plan for up to eight years and determine where your family will be during that span. Parents should not expect the child to take on the full burden. This is one of the main reasons ferrets lose their homes. This is a big of a responsibility for a child (no matter what age). It’s not the ferret’s fault the child doesn’t take care of it, but yet that is who gets punished.

If you decide a ferret is the right companion animal for you, you must be committed to ensuring your lifestyle and finances will accommodate it, and you will be able to provide a home for your ferret for the rest of it’s life.

Adoption donations are as follows: $80.00 for a single, $140.00 for a bonded pair. This will include ADV testing and rabies and distemper shots. This fee may be adjusted, by the director, at any time.

If after reading this you’re ready, please fill out our adoption application.