Sponsorship Donation Submissions

Thank you for submitting your Sponsorship Request Form! The final step in completing your sponsorship request is to submit your sponsorship donation.

Any donation of $50 or more qualifies you to sponsor the ferret that you have selected. You may submit your donation online using PayPal, or by mailing a check to us.

Submit Donation with PayPal

To submit your donation online with PayPal, click the Make a Donation button below. On the next screen, you can choose to pay with your PayPal account, or use a credit card without a PayPal account. In the “comments” field, indicate the name of the ferret you wish to sponsor.

Submit Donation by Mail

You may send your donation by mail by making a check out to Oxford Ferret Rescue and mailing it to the address below. Please enclose a note stating that your donation is for the sponsorship of the ferret that you selected.

Oxford Ferret Rescue
c/o Claudia Johnson
PO Box 144
Railroad, PA 17355

Once again, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to you for sponsoring a needy ferret. Your kindness and compassion makes a huge difference for the ferrets in our care!