Surrender Request Form

The following form will help us to prepare for your ferret(s) arrival at the shelter.  It is important that we have the following information so that we can make the transition from your home to the shelter as stress-free as possible.  It will also help us to place your ferret(s) into the most suitable new home.  Please provide truthful information! It is important that we know the types of food your ferret eats, and about any medical issues, current or past.  We will not turn down a request to surrender due to any health or behavioral issues.

Surrendering Party Personal Information
Full Name:
Email Address:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Surrender Details
How many ferrets do you need to surrender?
Please provide below the name(s), age/birthdate, and color of the ferret(s) you wish to surrender. Also include for each pertinent information such as any medical problems, behavioral issues, etc, as well as general description of temperament/character.
If surrendering more than one ferret, are these ferrets caged together? If surrendering a group, please let us know which ferrets live with each other, and which must stay together.
What food(s) do you regularly feed this/these ferret(s)? It is very important that foods not be changed during a transition to the shelter.
Has/have this/these ferret(s) been tested for ADV in the past six months?
Has any ferret in your household ever tested positive for ADV?
Do you have current proof of distemper and rabies vaccinations for this/these ferret(s)?
Where did this/these ferret(s) primarily live?
If the ferret(s) were caged, how much runtime out of the cage (daily, weekly, etc.) were they provided?
Please provide the name and address of the veterinarian that treated your ferret(s), if any.
Please explain here the reason you need to place your ferret(s). (be honest)
Please provide below any other information about the ferret(s). The more information you provide, the better we can care for the ferret(s) and find the best home for them.