Ways to Help

It takes a lot to run a ferret shelter.


  • We provide shelter for an average of 75-80 ferrets at any one time at Oxford.
  • Of those ferrets, many of them are older ferrets, ferrets on medication, ferrets in poor health, ferrets that have been abused and need to learn love, and/or are in need of surgery or other medical care.
  • Our veterinary balance often runs in the thousands of dollars, and there are always ferrets on the waiting list for surgery or other care.
  • Housing upwards of 80 ferrets means housekeeping for 80 ferrets: litter boxes, bedding, facilities, toys – and that’s all done on top of working a full-time job.
  • Housing 80 ferrets also means feeding 80 ferrets. Plus providing bedding, litter, toys, and creature comforts.
  • Oxford Ferret Rescue does not receive any government or private funding for what we do. We wish we did – but unfortunately ferrets don’t rank high on the list of causes deserving grants. So we do it all ourselves, with help from volunteers who are as passionate about our cause as we are. We host fundraisers, hold raffles, and rely on the generosity of donors. We are never caught up, but it keeps us going.

If you would like to help Oxford Ferret Rescue continue to provide the shelter and care that we offer to needy ferrets, you can do so in a variety of ways:

Monetary Donations: We gratefully accept monetary donations to help with the day-to-day expenses like food, supplies, medicine, and veterinary care. You may make your donation to the shelter, or directly to our vet if you prefer. Donations can be made online through PayPal or mailed to us. For information about making cash donations, see our Donate page.

Ferret Sponsorship: We have many permanent residents at the shelter that can not be adopted out for a variety of reasons, usually due to medical conditions.  By sponsoring a permanent resident, you can help provide the special care he or she needs and help us with the long-term cost of their care. For more information about sponsorship, see our Sponsorship page.

Donation of Supplies: We gratefully accept donations of food and supplies that we are in constant need of.  Businesses and individuals who would like to make a donation of supplies can visit our Shelter Wish List to see what we are most in need of at this time.

Join our Yahoo Group:  Our Yahoo Group is like an online club of supporters of Oxford Ferret Rescue. Members include past and potential adopters, volunteers, donors, and friends of Oxford Ferret Rescue. Learn about ways you can help Oxford keep its doors open through events and fundraisers, and the latest happenings at the shelter. For more information or to request to join, click here!