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          Thank you for your interest in adopting a ferret from Oxford Ferret Rescue. The first step in our adoption process is to complete this application form. The second step of the process is a telephone interview. The third step is a visit to the shelter. We welcome out-of-state applications, but please note that you MUST visit the shelter to adopt and we will NOT ship ferrets.


          Please understand that you need to go through our adoption process, be approved for adoption, and pay the adoption donation before any ferret is officially "yours." We cannot hold ferrets and deny them the opportunity to be adopted into a loving home. This application is not a guarantee that a ferret will be placed with you. All information will be used solely for the purpose of adoption and will not be shared with anyone outside ourrescue.


          By completing this form, you grant permission for our agents to contact your landlord, veterinarian, and any other contacts deemed necessary. This form may seem a bit long, and in depth, but the only reason we ask so many questions is to be sure we find the perfect home for our ferrets. They've already become homeless once,and we want to make sure their next home is forever. In order for your application to be considered, please fill out all areas of the application.


          Please note: Filling out this application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a ferret. Each application is reviewed and evaluated based on pre-set criteria. Any falsification of information will result in a refusal of the application or, if a ferret has already been placed, will result in the ferret being removed from the household.


          By submitting the application below, you agree that all information entered is accurate and true and agree to these terms.

Applicant Personal Information

Are you over age 18?

About Your Home

What kind of dwelling do you live in?
Does anyone in your household smoke?
Are there children under Yes v 18 in your home?

Pet History (Other Than Ferrets)

Ferret Ownership History

Have any of your ferrets been exposed to ECE?
Have your ferrets been tested in the past six months for ADV?
Where are your ferrets primarily housed?

Ferret Knowledge & Experience

About This Adoption

Select an option
I agree that all information entered is accurate and true, and agree to the terms set forth at the top of this application.

Thank You for Submitting Your Adoption Application!!


           The following form will help us to prepare for your ferret(s) arrival at the shelter. It is important that we have the following information so that we can make the transition from your home to the shelter as stress-free as possible. It will also help us to place your ferret(s) into the most suitable new home. Please provide truthful information! It is important that we know the types of food your ferret eats, and about any medical issues,current or past. We will not turn down a request to surrender due to any health or behavioral issues.

Surrendering Party Personal Information

Surrender Details

Has/have this/these ferret(s) been tested for ADV in the past six months?
Has any ferret in your household ever tested positive for ADV?
Do you have current proof of distemper and rabies vaccinations for this/these ferret( s )?
Where did this/these ferret(s) primarily live?

Thank you for contacting us.  

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